Thursday, June 26, 2008

Medium and its affect on the material

I think McLuhan focused on the importance of the message and how strongly it affects the information itself. I think that sometimes the medium is so important that it can be a message itself. If you think about commercials or advertisements as a medium and what there are trying to sell as the material as an example. In that example sometimes the medium or the way they are trying to sell whatever the product is sometimes the way they do this is more effective than the actual value of the product itself. This shows how the medium can often be very affective. Like with some products if they have a celebrity presenting the product, then the medium, which would be the celebrity, can actually be more important than the product they are selling.

I think sometimes in our society we place too much emphasis on the medium and not enough on the information itself. I think we tend to be easily influenced by people that are considered celebrities and we do not always check to see if the material they are presenting is credible. I think sometimes as a society we take the value of the material itself for granted because we can not get past the medium itself.

Or, on the other hand, we may not pay attention to very valuable material because it comes from a source or medium they we may not find interesting enough or that does not grab our attention as much as another medium. I think this is a flaw in our society because we sometimes pay attention to people that are not credible simply because of their popularity. I think we pay too much attention to people that are celebrities in our society and less attention to people that are actually knowledgeable in a field.

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