Thursday, July 3, 2008

No News

So the discussion board this week really got me thinking. I tried to look in my local news sources to find some articles that I thought I would be able to find more information on nationally, however there were only a couple. It was very striking to me that there was such a lack of national news in my area and this really concerned me. I live in a small town so I guess to some degree it is to be suspected that there would be a lack of national news, but I did not think that my town would be almost devoid of national news. There are places where you can purchase a national newspaper like the Washington Post or the New York Times but you can not have those delivered to your house, so if you want one you have to go out of your way to get it, and most people around here do not do that.

Another place you can have access to this information is to visit the online websites for these national print sources, however knowing the people where I live leads me to heavily believe in the fact that if they will not pick up a Washington Post at the gas station they are not going to pull up that same newspaper on the internet. I do not want to make where I live seem like a backwards place, but it is very much “old timey” and people around here are not very technologically advanced. I had never thought about this because before college I did not really care much for national news so I never sought it out and during college I simply use the internet to get my national news. But until I read our newspaper with the intent of finding news that I could relate national, I never really thought about how lacking of that sort of news it was.

This whole idea really got me to thinking about the people in my town and for the most part their lack of exposure to national news. Only the people like myself that are really seeking it out are the ones getting exposed to it, and I think that people that are seeking the national news out in my town are few and far between. That is why I think it is important for our local news sources to recognize this need and do more to bring the national news to people who would otherwise not get it or have access to it. That is why as I said in my discussion board, I am writing a letter to the editor in my local newspaper to talk about this lack of national news in print in their paper and see if I can have some affect on getting more national news to the people in my town.